Farm Name : Shih An Farm
CEO : Mr. Shih-Chuan Hsieh
Farm Address : No.230-53, Shi’an, Alian Dist., Kaohsiung City 82243, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Washing Site : No.230-53, Shi’an, Alian Dist., Kaohsiung City 82243, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL : +886-07-6317922
FAX : +886-07-6314576
Farm Website :
Service TEL : +886-07-6317922
Certificate No.: Nong-Xu-Mu Zi No.202171
Certificate No.: Nong-Xu-Mu Zi No.120807
Renewed Land for Ranch 1 : 28,934㎡
Building Area : 14,642.32㎡
New Construction Land for Ranch 2 : 34,009㎡
Building Area : 24,300.16㎡
Total Land Areas : 62,943㎡
Building Area : 38,942.48㎡
Number of Laying Houses : 8
Number of Laying Hens : 493,900
Number of Henhouses : 3
Number of Little Chickens under breeding : 226,800
Recycled Green Energy Plant
We Keep Quality Improved for Decades Step by Step.
Industrial Certification Item/Year
1976 Establishment of Shih An Farm。
1994 Comprehensively dismantling and reconstructing environmental henhouses with full closed environmental control automatic equipments。
1996 Introducing egg washing equipments from, Holland, Europe, with the first set of MOBA330 washing equipment having capacity of 120,000/hr full automatic operation。
1997 “Fresh Eggs” brand launched and marketing under the concepts of safe, quality, and healthy living。
1998 "Fresh Eggs" passing the CAS good egg certification with certificate number 110101 from Council of Agriculture。
2002 Passing HACCP international foods safety control system verification numbered BE02/3047HA。
2005 The first website set up to implement food traceability system with certificate numbered 500001。
2006 Passing ISO22000 (HACCP) international foods safety control system verification。
2010 Passing SA8000 (social responsibility) verification。
2010 Passing carton accounting: ISO14064-1, carton footprint PAS2050 verification。
2011 Comprehensive expansion and update adopting animal welfare cage feeding equipment of laying hen protection rule implemented by EU in 2012。
2012 Passing ISO14001 environmental control system verification。
2012 Passing humane and friendly livestock dual-verification (humane number 0008, friendly number 0001)。
2012 Shih-An Farm Animal Friendly Egg” promoted with humane and friendly livestock on the market in July。
2014 CO2 emissions reduced by 75% from operations of a green energy plant。
2014 Verified for Sustainability Report 2013 (No. SRA-TW-2013029) 。
2014 Awarded the TCSA gold award in the category of Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Report。
2015 Certified for Carbon Reduction Label (No. R1500407001, No. R1500407002, No. R1500407003, No. R1500407004, No. R1500407005)。
2015 Certified for SQF(Safe Quality Food, Level 3) (No. 641564)
2016 “Shih An Farm Animal Friendly Eggs” passed the Halal Product Certificate No. CP5020107。
2016 “2015 Sustainability Report” awarded the Gold Medal for Taiwanese Corporate Sustainability Report。
2016 Upgrad to use the Holland MOB Ommia PX350 washing and grading equipment with the capacity of 126,000/hour for fully automatic operation。
 Operation Regulation
Operation Regulation : verification regulations such as ISO22000, HACCP, foods health safety control system, food traceability regulation, humane and friendly livestock etc。

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