"Fresh Eggs" passing the CAS good egg certification with certificate number 110101 from Council of Agriculture. It was certified under the Certification No. 88050101 by the COAA (Chinese Organic Agricertification Association) in 1999. It passed HACCP international food safety and control system international certification number BE02/3047HA in 2002. It set up the website to implement food traceability system number 500001 on Sep. 1st, 2005. PLA full biological decomposable pack materials were used. It passed ISO22000 (HACCP) international certification in 2006, SA8000 (social responsibility) certification in 2010, and carbon accounting: ISO14064-1 and carbon footprint PAS2050 verification in 2010. In 2011, the Farm was expanded and updated with EU 2012 animal welfare cage farming equipment for laying hen protection implementation rule adopted as the first one to adopt European compliant equipments for complete plant in Asia. In 2012, it passed ISO14001 environmental control system certification and humane and friendly livestock dual-certification, and promoted “Shih An Farm Animal Friendly Egg” in the market with humane and friendly livestock in July. In 2014, it will accomplish green energy plant to make efforts for social responsibility by reducing 75% internal carbon CO2.

On Sep. 1st, 2005, the website was set up to implement food traceability. With the food traceability system, the full process record of zero pollution egg production is traced. Please visit www.shihanfarm.com.tw for excellent safe egg ID provided.  Please log into the home page and enter the food traceability code marked on the outer package of egg to know the detail about the recorded process with respect to the egg from little chicken brooding, disease prevention, feeding, production & sales. The safe quality of “Shih An Farm Animal Friendly Egg” is visible for consumers for consumers to buy confidently and eat safely.

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