With the quick economic development, the accelerated changing steps resulted in not only the convenience and advancement today, but also stronger living competition. Under such impact, pesticide, antibiotic, growth hormone etc. are applied to help foods compete in production quantity and product appearance, such that foods and environments are contanminated and thereby, human health is hurt and environment is containminated. Under ecological food chain cycle, human beings suffer from the hazard. Therefore, it is the common proposition for people to seek safe foods, healthy diet and zero pollution production.

Shih An Farm is a conventional hennery already operating for more 3 decades. In response to the proposition of consumers to seek foods safety and difference quality, the Farm was once rebuilt completely in 1994 to realize the principle of safe foods and healthy diet. In 1996, we introduced Europe compliant fully automatic farming, environmental control equipment, so that Shih An farm had farming technology and equipment synchronous to international with zero pollution faming management.

Quality and safe eggs are produced within hens’ prime time of laying eggs. Laying hens are not fed with antibiotic, animal protein, but are fed with natural grains and pure naturally extracted elements. Forage is certified with ISO.

Antibody is detected with sampled blood drawing every 2 months to guarantee healthy laying hens for precious nutritious components to transfer into eggs. Eggs are certified by ISO22000, HACCP and food traceability. The safe quality is guaranteed.

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