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 Last Updated on: 2016/8/8
Our farm’s business philosophy
Food safety protects consumers;environmental protection and carbon reduction protects the planet
“Food must be safe.” Long committed to the concept of safe and healthy food, Shih An Farm uses strictly vegetarian chicken feed enriched with such natural ingredients as polysaccharides of the Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng saponin, and natural grain elements to enhance the chickens’ autoimmune systems. In addition to the complete removal of animal proteins, drugs and antibiotics from their diet, we use hen-rearing facilities that are in line with EU legislation, to meet the physical and psychological needs of the hens. We believe only happy hens will lay healthy eggs that consumers will enjoy. From its very beginning, Shih An Farm has strict checks every step of the way. Since as early as 2005, consumers can trace our eggs from farm to table through our website and trust the “eggcellence” coming from Shih An Farm.

Even when in January 2016, people in north Taiwan enjoyed a rare snow fall, in fact the impact of the climate crisis is quietly arriving. If humanity cannot be woken up by the voiceless signals from the environment, no one will be able to escape the disaster of climate breakdown. In December 2015, the UN Climate Summit (COP21) passed the 39-page Paris Agreement to first protocol in history to contain energy constraints and an appeal to all countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are already witnessing emergencies caused by climate anomalies around the world. Environmental protection and carbon emission reduction are now regarded as the "last, best chance to save the planet."

As part of the Earth, Shih An Farm actively engages in environmental protection and carbon emission reduction. Our green energy system recycles our chicken manure, sewage and other waste, and processes it into green energy to power our operations. Excess electricity is sold and fed back to the Taiwan Power grid. Our byproduct liquid organic fertilizer is used for crop fertilization in lieu of chemical fertilizers. This enables farms to return to more natural farming and create higher value, and promotes circularity in the agricultural economy. Our green energy system has been in operation since December 27, 2014. Checks in 2015 found that our greenhouse gas emission had been reduced by 93%.

Established in 1976, Shih An farm has been in business for 40 years. All long, we have worked by our values centered on sustainability. We will continue to challenge ourselves to maximize our value-added services in environmentally-friendly ways, developing a symbiosis with the environment, such that our farm and all stakeholders can share and enjoy sustainable value.