Shih An Farm is dedicated to operating food safe quality differentiation. We emphasize on reasonability and necessary investment with respect to animal welfare feeding. In 2011, we expanded 4 houses, A5 ~ A8, and renovated 4 houses, A1 ~ A4, to have a total of 8 houses for laying hens. All houses adopt laying hen protection rule defined by EU on July 19th, 1999, cage feeding equipments compliant with animal welfare of laying hen protection rule implemented since January, 1st, 2012, to be responsible for the duty of laying hen protection without enforced moult, without medicine injection, without feeding antibiotic and animal protein, with pure vegetable recipe, in compliant with EU rule of laying hen protection by humane and friendly farming. prime time laid eggs are used for “Shih An Farm Animal Friendly Egg”, which is in compliance with humane friendly farming and is certified by SGS, TSAS humane friendly farming dual certifications. In 2014, we will go forward to the goals of natural friendly and safe food by investing actively in green energy plant for social responsibility, animal welfare.

Shih An Farm refuses to use chemical compound, medicine and antibiotic. The main components of forage include high quality corn, hydrolyzed soybean protein (fine protein), bacillus natto, selenium yeast, ginseng, ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, naturally extracted elements etc. to facilitate to nutritious health. Shih An Farm groups health management team by gathering veterinarians, nutritionists, consultants, QC of plant to inspect egg quality with scientific instruments, and adjust recipe with inspected result change. We develop team R&D force for the laid eggs of Shih An Farm to be framed without medicine and chemical hazard. The health of chickens are guaranteed by sampled blood drawing inspection with respect to antibody every 2 months.

White Hyland Chicken from U.S.A. is chosen by Shih An Farm. Chickabiddies are connected with tubes uniformly since hatch immediately. Strict diet control is performed comprehensively from little chicken to mature chicken. For laying hens, no chemical compound is used, nor is medicine injected. In addition, enforced moult for secondary egg laying (refer to Noun Dictionary for more detail) is not allowable to follow the farming method regulation with respect to animal welfare. The complete house is obsolete as chicken ages are about 90 week. Chicken activity spaces and equipments follow laying hen protection rule of EU by taking int consideration the humane, friendly farming, animal welfare. Violation of humane, friendly farming is prohibited to prevent from impacting chicken growth health.

Noun Dictionary:

Moult: Enforcing moult for chickens before getting old to save cost. Chickens after moult may perform another cycle of egg laying. Egg laying quality for chickens without moult is not as good as before. General moult for chickens is a kind of abuse method, which stops water for 3 days (stops water 2 days in summer), and stops feed for 12 days. About 3% to 10% of chickens will die in the process because they become too weak. Chickens that can bear the process can keep on laying eggs. The safety quality of laid eggs for these over-age hens may be worse than that for strong chickens.
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