“Animal Friendly Egg” implements food traceability based on credible operation by recording full farming record in detail on website, marking nutritious components specifically on product trademark, and print production date and the optimal expiry date (the optimal expiry date of eggs is 60th day for 1~5℃ cold storage, 30th day for 5~12℃, and 15th day for 12~25℃ from production) on each egg by edible ink. Consumers are recommended to enjoy the perfect food – “Animal Friendly Egg” by the optimal expiry date. The food traceability provides safe quality for consumers sincerely so that consumers can buy confidently and eat safely.

You can purchase our products in supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores.
If you are satisfied with our products, please notify others. If you have any comments or questions about our products, please let us know, so that we may provide more perfect services for you.
Service hotline: 07-631276

“Animal Friendly Egg” will be only dispatched by strategic alliance with temperature controlled conveyance equipment logistics for fresh-keeping dispatching under 1~5℃ for cold storage, 25℃ for cool storage with respect to storage logistics: fresh, healthy, safe, nutritious “Animal Friendly Egg” quality is the common goal to be insisted by the strategic alliance. The credible cooperation with strategic alliance makes the complete process of safe quality, farming and sales for “Animal Friendly Egg. We also hope to win recognition and support from consumers with respect to food safety and differentiation quality values.

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