Technical Management, Industrial Upgrade
“Animal Friendly Egg” emphasizes on advanced inspection technical equipments for farming and washing. The Farm realizes various certification regulations and conducts strict quality control, and also introduces the fully closed environment controlled farming equipments made in German and the first set Holland made MOBA330 washing equipments (with capacity of 120 thousand eggs every hour) for sonar Detecting, blood egg detecting, secondary egg inspection, Ink-Jet printing, fully automatic classified packaging etc. are introduced to perform complete computer automatic environment controlled managed farming based on the firm insistence of safe quality principle, and upgrade the industry to meet the modern farm requirements to make the quality more perfect.

Fresh and healthy good eggs are screened through 12 unique washing procedures, wherein the sonar detecting and blood egg detecting made their debut domestically.

“Sonar detecting” is equipped with 144 sets of sonar detecting wands. Each egg has to undergo the sonar reading for 12 times. The read-out data is used to analyze the quality of egg by computer accurately.

“Blood egg detecting” removes all fresh eggs with bloodstain accurately through spectrum analysis. Quality defects that are not visualized by naked eyes are compensated substantially by blood egg detecting and sonar detecting with scientific data to drive extreme quality. Under strict quality assurance, essential fresh eggs are chosen as “Animal Friendly Egg”. “Animal Friendly Egg” with strict checks from inner to outer quality control guarantees our health.
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