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Food Safety, Differentiation Quality – “Animal Friendly Egg” Launched into Market 7/1/2012
Home-Made Golden Egg Roll of Shih An Farm 3/19/2012
Shih An Farm has set up the website to implement F.T system in 2005 and has passed F.T. system certification under certification number FA0001 on 2/26/2007. 3/8/2007
In 2006, we passed the certification of international food safety management system ISO22000 and HACCP. 1/8/2007
“Shih An Farm Eggs” are marketed! 10/25/2006
Measures of nourishing to strengthen chicken princesses in winter 1/24/2006
F.T. system in Shih An website is opened for query 8/29/2005

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