In response to market with respect to the proposition of safe quality for process eggs, the consistent operation of farming and process is applied to realize safe quality criteria. King Egg Co., Ltd. has been founded in 2002, occupying 1500 plateaus of land area, 2383 plateaus of plant area, and introducing Danish SANOVA8000 boiled egg production lines and DIAMOND SYSTEM 72000 liquid egg production lines. King Egg has GMP class plant facilities, full plant temperature control and perfect motion line plan, and has established self own inspection room, R&D room to control quality strictly, lead taste with innovative R&D. Since 2002, it has passed ISO22000, HACCP and FSSC22000 certifications successively. The quality not only leads domestic industries, but also is synchronous to international level. We create the innovative atmosphere for egg processing industry.

Our Hot-spring eggs are marinated in a tasty cold sauce. The yolks are deliciously runny while the egg whites are firm and have absorbed the marinade flavor.

Our handmade egg rolls are made from Shih An Farm’s Animal Friendly Eggs. Without any food additives, nor water dilution, these egg rolls offer the fullest egg flavor and a crispy texture.

Specially selected Shih An Farm fresh egg dances with heavy egg flavor and Zong-Tian bonito stick sauce to result in splendid Japanese relish.

We insist on no water addition. Shih An Farm Animal Friendly Egg and top fresh milk interleaved a deliberate smooth taste dinner. It contains longan honey. Delicate budding showered with our own caramel sauce boiled slowly result in rich leveled taste successively.

Shih An Farm Animal Friendly Egg liquid combines with unique boiled soup-stock. Fragrant smooth steamed egg covers rich ingredients level by level. Each bite takes genuine materials. Fragrance leaves in mouth.

No water added,no residual medicine, zerocholesterol, zerofat, and health orientation. It is suitable aseither cold or hot edible.It is the best snack at any reunion, spicy but no choke, pungent and tasty, leisure snack, going with wine, stir-fry, hot pot additives.

Egg salad dressing directly edible with heavy fragrance plus rich grain taste. It is easy, nutritious and healthy by stirring with fresh vegetables and fruits or sandwiches/sushi/rice and vegetable roll interlayer!

It is formed by selecting natural apricot kernel mixed with pure milk in perfect proportion. It melts in mouth as jade fat dew smooth apricot fragrance with cool sweet happy flavor contained.

Danish SANOVA8000 is introduced to keep coherent operation. Different from general boiled egg with egg yolk deflected outwards and protein browned. King Egg pure boiled egg keeps egg yolk at center with eccentric force and keeps protein with purely white clean appearance with advanced technology. It is white and tasty.

The King Egg Soft Boiled Egg keeps orange red egg yolk owned particularly by Shih An Farm Animal Friendly Egg with advanced steaming boiling technology. It is tasted dense and smooth with natural heavy flavor of egg yolk.

Made from Animal Friendly Eggs from Shih An Farm. The eggs are slowly braised in a sauce mixed with traditional Taiwanese herbs and spices to give them a firm bite and rich flavor. Great as a snack or side dish.

Shih An Farm Animal Friendly Egg is selected in perfect conjunction with unique temperature control technology to boil tea essence. With drifted tea fragrance, it does be a product with Taiwan feature.

Sterilized liquid egg without residual antibiotic is produced by imported DIAMONDS SYSTEM U.S.A. spec equipment. It is fresh, healthy, and safe.

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