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ABOUT SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD. | 石安牧場|台灣唯一連續5年榮獲食品安全品質標準 SQF 最高等級 Level 3 驗證通過的雞蛋牧場品牌,頂級優質蛋品都在石安牧場




Food for People and Safety for Food

Name of company: SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD.
Name of Farm: Shih An Farm (100% held by SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD.)
Person in Charge: Zheng Yu

Founded in 2002, SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD. pursues the philosophy of “Food for People and Safety for Food” and utilizes eggs produced by the Farm to develop a series of egg products with a unique flavor.
The 7603 square meters modern high-tech factory complies with the GMP standard and is certified by food safety quality management verification systems such as ISO22000, HACCP, FSSC22000 and SQF. We only have one mission: “Make eggs super tasty!”


Our quality is boasted by professional technology

Safety is the basic requirement. A comprehensive quality control system is implemented for sterilization and inspection, low-temperature storage, package and delivery to ensure our eggs are perfect food ingredients. Skills are required to produce tasty eggs. We set up the designated lab and R&D department to make tasty eggs better. We have developed various exclusive egg foods such as soft boiled eggs, tea eggs, custard Pudding, and almond tofu to meet customers’ expectations for egg cuisines.
We provide not only good taste but also enjoyment.
Good taste is provided with great efforts as well as the accumulation of various professional technologies. “Shih An Farm” based on its experience over several decades, produces high quality eggs. “SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD. then ensures taste and every details to safeguard our customers to enjoy eggs.
We have long insisted on the philosophy to produce “good and tasty eggs,” and that is also the quality we would like to share with you.
We believe that the professional techonology makes our quality excellent and our trust in professionalism leads us to the building of this successful business.

Technology Integration by Professional Team

In 2018, SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD. was established after merging and it has provided the integrated services from sources, raising and production to processed foods. Partnered with experienced and professional Advantage Partners(AP), we will bring eggs produced locally in Taiwan to the world.
In pursuit of the spirit to produce “good and tasty eggs,” in addition to the building of a high-tech factory, we introduced the Danish SANOVO8000 boiled egg production line to prepare pearl-like boiled eggs as well as using DIAMOND SYSTEM 72000 production line to provide disinfected eggs without shell to businesses with consistent quality for safe selection of the market to meet people’s expectation on taste.
We invited Mr. Yoshimura Sueo, a master from ISE Foods Inc. and QP Foods, to work as our advisor to overall improve raising and production standards. We also continuously upgraded and purchase professional equipment to connect with the world market demands such as 3M Molecular Detection System, SANOVO Automatic Eggshell Filtration System, and Shikoku-Kakoki Co.,Ltd. Designated Filling Machine for dessert. We utilize technology to tighten food safety mechanism and to create more gourmet possibilities.
The food industry should brings happiness to people. The gourmet foods should make people smiles. To do that, we will continuously do our best and self-improvement with higher standards. We aim to become the model and bring positive changes to the food industry in Taiwan.