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ABOUT GREEN ENERGY PLANT | 石安牧場|台灣唯一連續5年榮獲食品安全品質標準 SQF 最高等級 Level 3 驗證通過的雞蛋牧場品牌,頂級優質蛋品都在石安牧場


About Green Energy Plant

Let’s leave a green for future generation

“You spent several million dollars building a green energy plant and will that make your eggs tasty and sell better? ”
“No. ”
“Then why did you still build it? ”
“It is for our future generation.”
Image: Green Energy Plant of Shih An

Circular economy, sustainable environment

Environmental protection is not a new issue, but it is an issue that deserves great concern.
The husbandry industry has long been blamed for waste disposal and pollution from animal farming, but we believe that “waste is the displaced resource.” With care, we are able to recycle and reuse the resource and, at the same time, be friendly to the environment for our environment.

Biogas power generation, renewable green energy

The renewable green plant was built in 2012 and its operation began in 2014. It is not only the concrete action taken by SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD. to fulfill its social responsibilities but also the move to protect the environment for future generations when developing the industry.
The green energy plant utilizes layers manure and wastewater on the Farm and high-quality biogas is generated from the anaerobic fermentation process. After being treated, biogas becomes power generation source that contributes to 70% of green power consumption on the Shih An Farm. By doing so, we realize the goal to transform waste into resources, a perfect example of “making layers manure valuable.”

1Layer Farm


2Layer Manure


3Biogas Container


4Power Plant


5Electricity for self-consumption or sales

Contribute to the local community with liquid fertilizer

Additionally, when biogas was produced, we collect “liquid organic fertilizer” and, based on the spirit to “help the neighborhood and give back to the community,” we give it freely to farmers in Alian District who use this green organic agricultural product to improve and safeguard produce quality.

SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD.is Taiwan’s first and sole layer farm brand that built the green energy plant.

We strive not for commercial success but for sustainable co-existence with the environment. Businesses shall be developed in a process that ensures a better environment. That is our responsibility and mission. We take resources from the land and should feed back to the land. With circular resources, we will give a green environment for our future generations.
Please download our CSR report to know more animal welfare measures adopted by SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD.