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BRAND | 石安牧場|台灣唯一連續5年榮獲食品安全品質標準 SQF 最高等級 Level 3 驗證通過的雞蛋牧場品牌,頂級優質蛋品都在石安牧場


About the Brand


Land Watered with Love. Eggs Produced by a Caring Farm

Located in Shi’an Vil, Alian District of Kaohsiung, “Shih An Farm” was established in 1976. After cultivation over the past few decades, the Farm has been thought to represent the land and Taiwan’s high-quality eggs. Before, when resources were scarce, a clean egg intact on the table was a big wish of family. Eggs were also an important source of children’s nutrition.
The founder named the Farm “Shih An” (the same pronunciation as “food safety” in Chinese) because he saw people often buying eggs with cracked shells and rough surfaces in traditional markets. Therefore “Shih An” could also remind the founder of his social responsibility to provide safe foods for consumers to ensure eggs from the farm are always safe to eat. That is always the insistence of the brand since its establishment.

The brand insists on value creation through differentiation

Time flies and it has been several decades since the establishment of Shih An Farm where is now the home of more than 700,000 layer and hens with a production capacity of hundred millions of healthy and smooth eggs that are delivered to the dinner table of each household. These achievements are defined by getting through challenges and difficult times. We are successful not only because of hardware adjustment, such as “upgraded layer houses and feed” but also because of the courage to fulfill social responsibility, to engage industrial innovation, and to contribute to the community.
The brand insists on value creation through differentiation.
When we look back at the past decades, we can see that now Shih An Farm is Taiwan’s first layer farm in Taiwan utilizing green power and certified by ISO22000. Shih An Farm is also Taiwan’s only egg producer that obtained a Level 3 of Safe Quality Food (SQF) certificate. It has been a long journey, but we still keep a beginner’s mind. At Shih An Farm, we are committed to providing customers with tasty, healthy, and safe eggs.

Quality Eggs Produced by Layer Receiving Quality Care

Each layer is our partner and as long as our hens are well cared for, they will produce high-quality and tasty eggs.
The husbandry industry looks like a traditional agricultural sector but it is essential for the land. We input efforts and utilize new technology to transform the farming environment to ensure our hens are raised in a healthy, free, and clean environment very different from the dirty ones with poor ventilation.
Each layer house here is equipped with the “Enriched Cage Equipment” in compliance with animal welfare to give more room to walk, rest, dine, forage, and lay eggs. In addition to the designated “nanny,” our professional health management team, including veterinarians, nutritionists, advisors, and Shih An Farm Quality Assurance Group uses a precise scientific instrument to detect egg freshness, arrange special dietary plans and diagnose activity level for layers, and care for their health from time to time. Chicken feed is added dynamically with high quality corn, hydrolyzed soy protein (high quality protein), reishi mushroom, bacillus subtilis, selenium yeast, ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide, ginsenoside, and natural grain extract to boost immunity.
Even though layers can’t talk, but they have feelings, but they also have emotions. They know their environment and living in a comfortable environment enables them to produce round and high quality eggs that satisfy our customers’ expectation on both quality and taste.
The long journey is not an easy one, but we have never given up. In the morning each day, when hearing the crowing sound of layer, we know all hard work pays.

Making eggs to be a delicious meal, let everyone has a wonderful time with family.

The Farm is operated by SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD. Founded in 2002, SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD. pursues the philosophy of “Food for People and Safety for Food” and utilizes eggs produced by the Farm to develop a series of egg products with a unique flavor. The 7603 square meters modern high-tech factory complies with the GMP standard and is certified by food safety quality management verification systems such as ISO22000, HACCP, FSSC22000 and SQF. We only have one mission: “Make eggs super tasty!” Safety is the basic requirement. A comprehensive quality control system is implemented for sterilization and inspection, low-temperature storage, package and delivery to ensure our eggs are perfect food ingredients. Skills are required to produce tasty eggs. We set up the designated lab and R&D room to make tasty eggs better. We have developed various exclusive egg foods such as soft boiled eggs, tea eggs, silky pudding and castella to meet customers’ expectations for egg cuisines. We provide not only good taste but also enjoyment. Good taste is provided with great efforts as well as the accumulation of various professional technologies. “Shih An Farm” based on its experience over several decades, produces high quality eggs. “SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD. then ensures taste and every detail to safeguard our customers to enjoy eggs. We have long insisted on the philosophy to produce “good and tasty eggs,” and that is also the quality we would like to share with you.