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Animal Welfare | 石安牧場|台灣唯一連續5年榮獲食品安全品質標準 SQF 最高等級 Level 3 驗證通過的雞蛋牧場品牌,頂級優質蛋品都在石安牧場




Quality Eggs Produced
by Layers Receiving Quality Care. Each layer is our partner and as long as our partner are well cared for, they will produce high quality and tasty eggs.

The husbandry industry
looks like a traditional agricultural sector but is essential for the land.
We input efforts and utilize new technology to upgrade the farming environment to ensure our layers are raised in a healthy, free, and clean environment, it's very different from the dirty ones with poor ventilation.

Asia NO.1 Asia’s first layer farm choose enriched cage equipment on the whole farm in compliance with animal welfare requirement
1+1 Certification Certified with both Humane Animal Production Systems and Friendly Production Systems in Taiwan
5 types of freedom Five types of layers’ freedom are guaranteed Note
Note 1. Freedom from poor nutrition, hunger, and thirst.
2. Freedom from aches, diseases, and injuries.
3. Freedom from psychological and physiological discomfort.
4. Freedom from fear and stress.
5. Freedom of health and natural behaviors.

Comfort Living

Each layer house here is equipped with the “Enriched Cage Equipment” in compliance with animal welfare that giving layers more space to walk, rest, dine, forage, and lay eggs.


Health Care

The designated “nanny” our professional health management team, including veterinarians, nutritionists, advisors, and Shih An Farm Quality Assurance Group uses a precise scientific instrument to detect egg freshness, arrange special dietary plans, diagnose activity level, and care for their health from time to time.


Balanced Diet

Safe and healthy feed certified by ISO22000/ HACCP without chemical compounds, drugs, and antibiotics is used. Ginsenoside, ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide, reishi mushroom, high quality corn, hydrolyzed soy protein, bacillus subtilis, selenium yeast are added to boost the health and immunity of our layers.

Our eggs both look and taste good

Layers can’t talk, but they have feelings.
They know their environment and only living in a comfortable environment allows them to produce round and high quality eggs that satisfy our consumers’ expectation on both quality and taste.

Image: Enriched Cage Equipment

Enriched Cage Equipment

Compliance with EU regulations
  1. AGroup nest
  2. BClaw Shortener
  3. CDrinking nipple
  4. DFeed trough
  5. EFront perch
  6. FRear perch
  7. GLight litter area New BD litter mat

Always be kind to layers as you treat yourself nicely

  • No forced molting
  • No drug injection
  • No antibiotic feeding
  • No animal protein feeding
Caring for animal welfare is not only a humanitarian consideration but it also impacts people’s health, consumers’ rights, and protection of the environment.
Since 2011, Shih An Farm introduced enriched cage equipment that cares for animal welfare and complies with EU regulations.
Since day 1 when layers are hatched, we completely follow EU rules for caring hens and humanitarian-friendly practices to protect our layers.
With enriched cages that care for the welfare of hens, we raise fewer hens in the same area of land.
But our layers are healthier with boosted immunity.
We do not use drugs in layers, so they produce eggs with good shell quality, thick, gel-like egg white to stay compact.
Egg yolk and egg white shall not be broken apart easily for better keeping and freshness.
Please download our CSR report to know more animal welfare measures adopted by SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD.