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What is Traceability | 石安牧場|台灣唯一連續5年榮獲食品安全品質標準 SQF 最高等級 Level 3 驗證通過的雞蛋牧場品牌,頂級優質蛋品都在石安牧場


Trace to the source for advanced preparation

Before the implementation of the “Regulations Governing Traceability of Foods and Relevant Products” for the requirement of “registration” and “tracing” enforced by the government, Shih An Farm already constructed the website for traceability registered #500001 on September 1, 2005. The Farm was ranked as the model farm for traceability by the Council of Agriculture and the National Animal Industry Foundation (NAIF).
With the establishment of traceability, input, output, batch relationship, and the structure of the supply chain can be traced. Based on the comprehensive information network, consumers are able to check online and with SQF certification, inspection regulations are followed to ensure quality and promote economic benefits of safe foods.
Since 2018, SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD. and Shih An Farm have merged, and the Company registration number was changed toE-112895828-00001-6

Inquiry of Traceability

“Shih An Farm Animal Friendly Eggs” incorporates the traceability system to disclose raising and production information. The bi-directional functions of source tracing and output tracing are also provided to guarantee consumers’ right to be informed.

The traceability system helps to trace all stages of production, processing, distribution, and sales of agricultural products.
Producers record clearly about relevant information of food traceability and consumers can trace back all records of zero pollution process of agricultural products and get to know all important information in all phases. Consumers can scan QR CODE on the product package or click the link (http://taft.coa.gov.tw/Resume/resulist.aspx?Today=1). Input the tracing number to find records list as below:

1Basic information of the farm and washing station


2Raising records of layers


3Sanitation and health inspection record of layers


4Washing records of egg


5Logistic records of egg


6Quality inspection records of egg


From farm to table, you can enjoy our safe, healthy and tasty eggs without any concern

Notes for traceability inquiry:
  • 1.Shih An Farm updates its traceability information daily and you are welcome to make use of the information
  • 2.Each entry of the traceability record is kept for a period of three months
  • 3.Please find the attached files in the remarks for more information
  • 4.No other uses of attached files in the remarks are allowed. Violators need to take on relevant responsibilities
  • 5.Traceability information is owned by SHIH AN FARM CO., LTD. and is prohibited for downloading for other use